Brows for Your Face Shape

Brows shape and frame the face, and are also influenced by trends and styles. With the many different face shapes of us all, how can you tell what suits your features the most? Brow experts have taken the stress out of brow shaping with a guide below on the best brows for the most common face shapes.

For those with a round face, the goal is to lift and sculpt your brows. Aiming for a high-arched brow will elongate your face in moments and give added dimension. An easy way to lift your brows and emphasise your arch is to use a brow gel, an easy to use product which you brush into your brow and shape the hairs to create a lifted look.

Apply the gel directly to your brows, brushing it back and forth to distribute the product, then use the comb to sculpt them upwards, focusing on emphasisng your arch.

Bonus tip: Add a touch of highlighter to your brow bone to make your arch stand out.

If you have an oval shaped face, almost any brow shape will suit you!

We recommend emphasising the natural shape of your brows by filling gaps and adding lift with a clear/ or tinted brow gel to tidy and hold shape.

With your striking cheekbones and angular chin, you should aim for your brows to widen the appearance of your forehead and add a touch of softness. By having a gently curved brow without a dramatic arch, your brows will frame your face with soft balance.

Tip: Make sure to focus on softening the shape of your arch, filling in any sharp angles on your brow bone.

For those with heart shaped faces, the goal is to balance your incredible jawline, we recommend soft and fluffy brows that are straight or slightly rounded. This shape will help balance your facial proportions while giving you a youthful refresh.

Full and soft brows with a curved arch are ideal for a square face shape. These soft features will balance and flatter your features.

Create fluffy hairlike strokes with the Brow Stroke Feathering Brow Pen, a finely tipped pen that quickly and easily creates fake hairs or extends shorter ones.

Bonus tip: While most of our brow hairs grow at an angle, the ones towards the centre of our face actually grow upwards so adding vertical strokes towards the centre will ensure these pen strokes look natural.

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