Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

It is every brides dream to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day and hope the images capture this forever. From the dress to the makeup, every detail matters. To help you achieve that bridal glow and ensure everything runs as smooth as possible, we have listed a few tips below to help you look stunning and keep you stress-free as you prepare to say “I do”.

1. Start your Skin Prep 6 Months Before the Date
Flawless and beautiful skin is the foundation of any bridal look. If you are planning a series of facials, book your initial consultation at least 6 months before your wedding to avoid any reactions or breakouts closer to the day. This gives you time to address any of your skin concerns, try different products, and make sure that your skin is glowing as you walk down the isle. Also not forgetting here how important hydration is here when we talk about the skin. Drink plenty and plenty more water leading up to your special day.

2. Avoid Drastic Haircuts or Colour Changes Too Close to the Wedding
Thinking of changing your hair for the wedding? Please think this through and plan any hair transformations well in advance. Giving yourself time to do this will leave you time to adjust or correct anything that is needed if necessary. You can always pop in for a toner closer to the day.

3. No Facial Waxing in the 2 Weeks Leading up to Your Day
Waxing or hair removal can cause redness and even breakouts. If you plan on waxing, get your first wax at least 3 months before to try it out with your skin. It is best not to try anything new just before the wedding.

4. Keep to Your Regular Skincare Routine
Do not introduce or experiment with new beauty or skincare products, they can trigger an allergic reaction or risk or breakout. Stick to what you know!

5. Go With a Makeup Style You Wear Often
You want to feel like yourself, but only better on your big day. Stick to the makeup style you know and love. If you are hiring a makeup artist, choose one who specialises in the style you are most comfortable with.

5. Trial Your Spray Tan
If you plan on getting a spray tan, trial out if possible before the wedding to test the colour and duration on your skin. Leading up to the day, I would suggest getting your tan 2 days before the wedding. It allows any excess tan to wash away, reducing the risk of marking your dress.

7. Be Sun Smart
Be cautious of sun exposure in the days/weeks leading to the wedding. Sunburn or tan lines can be challenging to deal with on your big day. Always wear sunscreen, and choose a foundation with SPF for added protection. Surprisingly, red, sunburned skin can be tricky to blend and neutralise on your wedding day, especially as makeup artists must avoid body makeup getting on your white dress!

8. Don’t Schedule Your Nail Appointment Too Early
Start your manicure journey about 3 months out from your wedding. This allows your nail technician to work on getting your nails to the desired length and shape you would like. Aim to get your wedding nails done just 2 or 3 days before your wedding to make sure they stay fresh and perfect.

9. Prep Your Hair the Day Before Right
For gorgeous wedding-day hair, most stylists recommend washing it the night before with salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry it smooth and product-free (a heat protector is acceptable), as hairstylists prefer working with “day-old hair” for better hold. Remember to use a quality hair mask in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

10. Trust your Beauty Team’s Schedule
Many brides don’t want to start their hair and makeup prep too early. But let the professionals set the timings for the morning – remember, this isn’t their first rodeo! If they say they need to start at 6 am, they need to start at 6 am! Most artists would rather have more time than feel rushed later in the day. You’ll thank them later when you’re sitting sipping champagne and taking selfies with your bridesmaids before your photographer even arrives!

11. Count on Your Bridesmaids for Support
Your bridesmaids are there to help you on the day. They can lend a helping hand by carrying some makeup minis in their handbags, including blotting paper and lipstick. Pick a designated bridesmaid to answer all incoming questions for you, this means you can actually enjoy the morning and getting ready process without being bombarded with questions!

12. Steam Your Dresses Before The Day
We say this time and time again that steaming your dresses before the day of your wedding saves you and your bridal party so much time out of fun on the day. It also is best to avoid steam once having hair and makeup done. Have a morning to remember with your party instead of missing out because of steaming!

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