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Trending Lip Combinations for 2024

As a bride, you want every detail of your wedding day to be perfect, from the dress to the makeup. And when it comes to makeup, choosing the right lip colour is crucial. Whether you prefer a classic nude or a bold red, there’s a lip combination out there to suit every bride’s style. In this blog post, we’ll explore some trending lip combinations that are sure to make you feel beautiful and confident on your big day.

The natural lip
The Charlotte Tilbury shades Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk both offer a soft liner for a little colour. Along with a few generous swipes of Rhode lipgloss to complete the combo. The Laneige lip sleeping mask is a welcome dupe for the Rhode lipgloss as it is quite often sold out.

Soft peaches
Of all the captivating details of Sofia Richie’s wedding to Elliot Grainge, her lipstick surprisingly made a lasting impression on me. She donned a pink, peachy shade that was minimal, yet memorable—perfectly in line with her understated elegance and effortless personal style. Part of the intrigue of Rouge Coco Baume is how it veils the lips in a practical, buildable colour. As you layer your chosen shade, the finish transforms from a sheer, barely there colour to a more opaque and luminous pigment. Richie’s lip was done with shade 928 Pink Delight, one of nine shades that range from rich reds to iridescent pearls.

Gloss bomb
For a high gloss sheen, opt for Mac’s classic go-to liner in the shade Subculture as the base, before drenching your lips with a Kosas lip oil in the colour Jellyfish. Replacing a gloss with an even glossier lip oil will maintain that shine while locking in moisture.

Brown and red
Made famous by Alexa Demie and her enviable pout, brown and red lip combinations have been swirling beauty TikTok for a while, reaching a pinnacle when creator Sarah Isabelle (@sarahbebelle) perfected the combination using NYX eyebrow pencil in Espresso and NYX Shine Loud in Rebel in Red. The brown brow liner acts as a contour, while a shiny red shiny over the top makes it perfect for a night out.

Light brown
There is always something to say for a classic, light brown lip. Beauty creators have long searched for the ultimate brown lip combination, with some landing on NYX butter gloss in the shade Madeleine, on top of the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip liner in the shade in Parchment.

Popsicle lips
With the popsicle lip trend maintaining momentum on TikTok thanks to K-Pop, cherry and Barbie lip stains have continued to remain a tried and true lip combination for a natural flush. Many opt for a few spots of red or pink lip stain, finishing with a swipe of clear gloss over the top.

Choosing the perfect lip combination for your wedding day is an important decision that can enhance your overall bridal look and make you feel beautiful and confident. Whether you prefer a classic nude, a bold red, or a trendy ombré effect, there’s a lip combination out there to suit every bride’s style and personality. So take some time to experiment with different colours and finishes until you find the perfect lip look that makes you feel like the stunning bride you are.

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