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Advice for Brides as a Professional Makeup Artist

As a pro makeup artist, I have had the privilege of working with countless brides, each with their unique vision of how they want to look on their special day. From intimate ceremonies to lavish affairs, one thing remains constant – every bride deserves to feel confident, beautiful and stress free on their special day. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to help brides have a smooth and dreamy wedding day.

Be nice to your mum. It is a very special day for her too!
Mums are absolutely thrilled you are getting married, and want to be a part of every single moment. It is often a time to relive their special day with you, so please keep this in mind when spending time and getting ready with mum and she is just excited as you are.

Use a lip sleeping mask the night before. Brides often have chapped lips due to stress and dehydration!
My favourite Laneige lip sleeping mask is perfect to apply the night prior to give you some moisture and hydration on the area which needs it the most. We definitely want to avoid dry and cracking lips for your big day.

Designate a bridesmaid to answer questions for your while you get your makeup done!
This is a key task for me, as I want you to enjoy having your makeup done and have a relaxing moment to yourself during this time. There are lots of things happening on the morning of your wedding with a few interruptions and decisions to be made. Pass this task to a responsible bridesmaid and give yourself a moment to chill.

Steam all dresses the night before the wedding!
Have all dresses steamed and hung ready the night before, this helps to avoid one person on steaming duty all morning and missing out on all the fun. Also, this helps keep hair and makeup perfectly in place without a steamy mess in your face after all of our hard work.

Choose accommodation with lots of space and natural light!
Whether you are deciding on a hotel, air b&b or other getting ready venue, please take into consideration the space available. There will be lots of faces around on the morning including your vendors, so a larger space provides a calmer environment. The more windows and natural light, the better. Your photos will definitely show this with a lighter feel.

Don’t waste time stressing over a hair and makeup schedule!
I know it feels a little better to have everything scheduled and on time, but please save yourself the stress and leave this up to your vendors, they are professionals at this and have done it many times so they can manage timings seamlessly on the day for you.

Finally, keep your phone away and enjoy this precious morning with family and friends!

Your wedding day should reflect your personal style, and create the day of your dreams. By following these essential tips, you can achieve the most perfect morning to start of the best day of your life.

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